Estiatorio Milos

Just got back from lunch at Estiatorio Milos, with a good friend.  This being Restaurant Week wherein hundreds of participating establishments throughout the city offer a $20 prix fixe lunch — in Estiatorio’s case, a $24.01 (with wine, it comes out to $30) with which to attract potential customers — it seemed like a nice idea at the time we made the reservation. 

And me without my digital camera.  Oh well, lessons learned for future reference.


Me:  Citrus salad, herbs, roast scallops
Suzanne:  Quartet of Greek spreads — taramosalata, tzaziki, roasted red pepper and feta, and a walnut, garlic and potato spread


Me:  Guinea hen, frisee salad, mashed potatoes
Suzanne:  Arctic char, vegetables


Walnut-honey cake, vanilla ice cream

Out of 10?  A ho-hum 4 to a middling 5.  Service issues ranged from busboys taking plates with food on them, rushing us through in the hopes of turning a table, and continual mix-up of orders.  Come on, boys and girls, a two-top shouldn’t be cause for confusion.  One wonders what kind of craziness might ensue if the hapless waiters had to serve a four- or six-top in the course of lunch or dinner service.  Seriously.  The food was a bit blah…average and not particularly interesting.  Gussied up and glorified Greek diner food in off-the-rack clothing.  The old chestnut about a sucker born every minute holds true in any event.

At least the company was excellent.

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