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New York Chinatown

Roast duck and barbecued spareribs at Big Wong (67 Mott Street):

Dinner at Ping’s Seafood last night with Mom. Rated two stars by William Grimes (Frank Bruni‘s predecessor who had a penchant more for decor than food), Ping’s known for its seafood preparations and stirfries.

Crispy chicken with garlic

Pan-fried Cantonese noodles with abalone, scallops, shrimp and squid

Red bean soup

This is a dessert soup sometimes served at some Chinese restaurants. Its subtly sweet and not for everyone’s taste. Usually has three ingredients, in this case, red beans (a bit like mung beans), water and rock sugar.

Chinatown is known for a lot more than just amazing food of course. Besides the sweet perfume of rotting fish on the sidewalks — a consequence of open-air food markets coupled with a recent heat wave this past week — there are stores selling all manner of schlock. Here are a couple of the more interesting shots I took:

Weirdly enough, the next display case had your usual assortment of Buddha statuettes and good luck charms. Go figure.

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