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Room 4 Dessert

Chef Will Goldfarb, formerly the pastry chef of Cru Restaurant in New York City and Papillon is now the resident chef at  Room 4 Dessert, an ultra-hip and thoroughly modern dessert bar in SoHo.

A couple of shots of the current menu. The offerings change once every three months or so.

I had two tastings.

Each Peach tasting
left to right: almond cake, white chocolate chantilly (in the style of herve this), cold roasted peach, aspic with basil blossoms
2004 Valdehermoso

(closeups below)

The roasted peach tempered the chantilly’s sweetness whilst the aspic provided a refreshing finish.


Taplas: America’s next savory petits
left to right: green curry/coconut cream, tarte fine arugula (w/ cassia shortbread cookie), tomato water gelee, miso honey ganache lollipops with pancetta finanicer
Lustau ‘Emperatriz Eugenia’ Oloroso sherry

(closeups below)

Of the offerings here, I felt that the gelee didn’t quite work with the rest as flavorwise, it was a bit jarring after having consumed just about everything else. Pancetta finanicer was the best of the lot in my opinion, followed by the ganache lollipops and the green curry/coconut cream.

Out of 10? A slightly low to moderate 8. Not everything works but that’s to be expected. Still, R4D deserves a followup visit; there were a host of other things on the menu that I’d love to try but didn’t have time for given that tonight was a “school night”.

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  1. Will Definitely check this place out when I vist NY this Fall….new to this blog, but loving what I’ve read so far !


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