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Bradley and Cher

The unbelievable has happened.

No, not Keith getting auf’ed off of Project Runway (everyone more or less expected that to happen).

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bradley Baumkirchner, aka one of the few people on this good Earth who doesn’t know a thing about Cher

Last night’s episode of PR saw our intrepid ten remaining designers “modernize the look of a fashion icon”, ranging from luminaries such as Jackie Onassis to Pam Grier to Madonna.  The designers’ models chose the designers as well as their muse.  Bradley got Cher.  I was like, darling, you could send your model down the runway in a hairpiece and fishnet stockings and you’d still get away with it.  But such was not to be.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or in a van down by the river for the past 30 years, its almost unimaginable that you’d not know one of the premier music and cultural icons to have graced our senses.  Even cave people in the Stone Age have heard of Cher.  She’s just that famous.

As for his model’s dress, there were serious crotch issues that made me think (out loud), “this isn’t 70’s retro and she’s not supposed to remind me of Barbarella.”  More pizzazz, less pissant please.

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