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A Hobbit’s Kitchen

Just for fun, I decided to post pix of my kitchen and the interior of my fridge.

You can start laughing now.

Yes, those are Spamwise’s infamous skinless boneless chicken breasts (for tonight’s late dinner).

It’s about the size of a small bathroom, if that. Not shown are the cabinets atop the kitchen sink and the stove, or the cabinets atop the fridge. There’s a ton of storage space in this kitchen. Just not a lot of work area.

I was thinking that maybe a small butcher’s block might go here. Lawdy knows that Spamwise needs space to cook. Those counters aren’t enough room.

Product placement time: for those of you who are regular gym-goers, might I recommend Nitrean, sold by At Large Nutrition. You can view their product specs by following the afore-mentioned links. Tastes great too and way affordable over any of the crap sold at your typical GNC.

Top shelf: whole-grain mustard, Huy Fong chile paste, jalapeno Tabasco, capers, unsalted butter, cottage cheese, shallots

Middle shelf: eggs, black currant jam

Bottom shelf: cheddar cheese, roast turkey (I eat a lot of turkey), brussels sprouts

Top shelf: pot of rice (for tonight’s dinner, going to make Chinese fried rice), crimini mushrooms, Italian parsley, Hellman’s mayo, natural peanut butter, Moroccan olives, cottage cheese

Middle shelf: milk, bread, plastic container of peeled garlic cloves, lemons, squeeze bottle of sriracha, onion, takeout container of egg drop soup, roast turkey

Did I mention I eat a lot of turkey? Well, now you know.

Bottom shelf: bread, fresh herbs — mint, sage, rosemary, chives, thyme, watercress (from Rachel)

In the crisper: carrots, potatoes, peaches, zucchini

Going to make some bourbon bread pudding this weekend. Yum.

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  1. Heh.

    I have to go to BB&B or somewhere else that sells cookware because I *still* haven’t gotten enough pots and pans for what I want to do. When you’re cooking for one, you don’t need a 12 piece set. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

    The thing is, once you go down the road of kitchen gadgets, one is NEVER enough.


  2. I’m eyeing a rice cooker now myself. I just KNOW it’s going to end up with me surrounded by gadgets like salad spinners, things I will NEVER use more than twice.


  3. A salad spinner is something I could see myself using a ton, if I were cooking for more than one person on a regular basis. (hint hint)

    Rice is easy. Bring water to a boil, add rice, bring to a second boil, lower heat, partially cover, cook till most of the water is absorbed, bam you’re done. Don’t need a rice cooker for that though I can see why most people would rather not bother.

    But a cookie gun or a lemon zester? I can count the number of times I’ve baked something on one hand. Lemon zester — my outlook is, if its something you can do with something you already have, you don’t NEED it. wanting it is different.

    That being said, I have to go get a couple of pyrex dishes maybe this weekend. Having only one size is kind of limiting when I want to roast something that doesn’t need a lot of space.


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