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Chef Pichet Ong, formerly of RM, 66 and Spice Market, recently opened p*ong, a dessert focused restaurant featuring an intriguing array of offerings both sweet and savory. p*ong continues the concept of a dessert bar first established by ChikaLicious and Room 4 Dessert. Look for Tailor, a dessert bar/lounge by wd-50 alumnus Sam Mason sometime in late spring/early summer.

I apologize in advance for the blurriness of some of the pix as I switched settings halfway through our meal.

Organic spring vegetables, red miso yogurt

Burrata, American paddlefish caviar, tomato, bagel chip

Shrimp and mango ceviche, Thai chili, cilantro, cachaca lemongrass mist

Bluefin tuna tartare, black olive, seaweed, Meyer lemon sabayon

Escarole “Green Goddess” salad, white anchovy, avocado, crouton

American Wagyu beef carpaccio, shiso pesto cracker, sour plum, Maldon sea salt

Stilton cheese souffle, walnut crust, basil-arugula ice cream

Blackberries, tapioca pearls, Vermont mascarpone

Miso ice cream and extra virgin olive oil cake sandwich, wasabi candy, strawberries

Chevre cheese croquette, pineapple, walnut, drunken chocolate sauce

Chocolate banana tart, almond, Ovaltine ice cream

The man behind it all.

Out of 10? A strong mid-range to high-end 7.

Stars of the show: the escarole salad, followed by the shrimp ceviche, the beef carpaccio and the souffle in that order. The mango sorbet accompanying the ceviche has no sugar, the salad contains not one ounce of mayonnaise and the souffle worked quite well with its ice cream accompaniament. Miso ice cream sandwich is an acquired taste and the black olives paired with the tuna did nothing for me (though the sabayon was an interesting counterpoint).

I can see myself coming back. Coconut creme caramel with rhubarb shaved ice, basil seed and Himalayan pink salt is definitely worth a return visit based on the aroma alone. That, and the ceviche. I’d be content.

p*ong is located at 150 West 10th Street (Waverly Place), in Greenwich Village.

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  1. Was it filling? I have a hard time imagining a dessert menu without what seems like considerable amounts of delicious fat to be filling enough for me. Still I do like the look of it all.

    Did you try the drink with elderflower? It sounds quite good. Is gold mist gold shavings in suspension, or am I showing my ignorance of finer culinary fashions?


  2. One of my friends had the Roses, I had the Blush. I took a pic of her drink but didn’t post it because of excessive flash shining on the glass.

    The shavings were held in suspension, yes. Quite handsome.

    We had ten courses. With cocktails, wine, sake, tea and coffee, it was filling for the most part.

    I went home, played a little WoW and had a club sandwich a couple of hours later. 🙂


  3. I love this restaurant! I had the beef carpaccio and thought it was amazing..but I’ll have to try the shrimp ceviche next time. As for the cocktails wow they’re the best. I had one with Canton, which apparently is a ginger cognac liqueur, never thought ginger could give me a buzz, loved it!


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