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A Short Note

Today I have 190 page views which is a record ever since this here blog-thingy got started, slightly over a year ago.  Some have described it as “eclectic”, some think it’s “overly political” but most of all, it’s me.  Initially I started trying to post something every day but somehow the content monster decided to have a little snack.  These days, there are stretches that go by without a single post and there are others when I’m feeling extra-special-frisky.  I guess once the 2008 election season kicks up a couple of notches, I’ll get that furnace stoked up undeneath my bowels again.

Now there’s a poetic turn of phrase.  Meanwhile, I’ve got Bush fatigue.

190 page views, my goodness.  I know I’ve got fans but wouldn’t it kill for some of these people to leave a comment or two?  So far my most popular item seems to be the death of El Mirage. Surely there are other items of interest? Like food and writing and stuff? Compared to other blogs on my blogroll, this one doesn’t have much flesh on it and darlings, there aren’t any plans for the future unless I happen to come across it in my daily travels.

Maybe I should take a readers’ poll.

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  1. It’s been my experience you get people to respond by posting pics of naked guys, pics of yourself mostly naked, or a pic of yourself asking for some particular fashion advice.
    You can always append the post with a little diatribe on Chertoff or something. 😉


  2. well congrats. bush fatigue, eh? me too, but i am obsessed with the slow trainwreck of democracy and thus cannot quit writing about it.

    do you look to see how folks find you? most people find me by searching for “great big ass” or “big ass pussy” or similar, and most of those come early in the morning. i guess looking for a little stroke before work 😉


  3. I can never predict what people will be interested in, long-term. Today I have 34 page views so far and most of them are wd-50 related or have something to do with Sam Mason. So maybe there’s hope, compared to the ones who’re looking for sex or pix of hot guys.


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