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Casa Mono

Whenever I’m at Casa Mono, I’m reminded of how much courage it takes for a restauarant critic to eat here, particularly if he or she isn’t a fan of organ meats. It was reviewed in early 2004, barely two months after it had opened by none other than Marian Burros, then acting restaurant critic for the New York Times.

Not quite known for her prose, Ms. Burros gave the restaurant a two star rating, which was [and is] a decent grade for what is essentially a tapas bar. Casa Mono is the brainchild of Chef Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich. Together with Babbo, Lupa, Otto, Esca, The Spotted Pig and now Del Posto, it seems as if New York City is poised to become the cornerstone in the empire of the Brothers B.

Piquillo peppers stuffed with oxtails braised in red wine.

Tripe with garbanzos and morcilla sausage.

Brussel sprouts a la plancha.

Codfish croquettes with orange aioli.

Bread pudding, vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, macerated raisins.

Casa Mono is located at 52 Irving Place (East 17th Street) in Gramercy.

Discussion on eGullet can be viewed here. A thread on Mouthfulsfood is here. No offense to Ms. Burros, but I much prefer Adam Platt’s review.

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