The Spamwise Chronicles

Market Day

Clockwise from top left: delicata squash, een choy, pork shanks from Flying Pigs Farm, baby Russian Banana potatoes, parsnips, salted butter from Ronnybrook Farm and whole milk fresh ricotta.

It was too cold for me to take any pix, not to mention I didn’t get to the Greenmarket until late in the afternoon.

I have some more shopping to do tomorrow. Those pork shanks will be braised and served with polenta, along with a roasted tomato and garlic relish. Delicata squash will figure in a gratin or perhaps a bread pudding of some sort. Een choy is good for a stirfry or salad. I have some leftover FP bacon, so German potato salad might be in the works.

Note to potential boyfriends: If you haven’t guessed, food is important to me. Spamwise thinks microwaves are the spawn of the devil.

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5 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. Oh wow, I used to go to the Greenmarket when I was a kid with my dad. For some reason we’d always buy honey.


  2. Does the U.S.D.A. tatoo disappear when you braise?


  3. AA —

    The honey and maple syrup suppliers were out in full force this weekend.

    James —

    Hopefully. Don’t freak me out like that. =P


  4. ooooh, i love grits. oops! i mean polenta. especially for breakfast with butter and salt.


  5. Late dinner tonight.

    I’ll have pix uploaded in a few hours. Polenta is the Italian version of grits, and way more decadent.


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