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World Tong

Spent this morning having dim sum in Brooklyn…

Steamed rice with Chinese sausage and gingko nuts

Top: stewed tripe with turnip in curry sauce; bottom: tripe with vinegar, jalapeno pepper and scallions

Eggplant with fried shrimp and peppers

Turnip cake with hoisin sauce

Scallion dumplings

Shrimp dumplings topped with offal/cartilage

Pork knuckle

Discussion on Mouthfulsfood is here.

World Tong is located at 6202 18th Avenue (62nd Street) in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Take the N train to the 18th Avenue stop. The restaurant is two blocks from the station.

Oh baby, talk dirty to me. I’m definitely coming back for more. Maybe I can convince my mom to come here instead of Chinatown.

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  1. I bet the price is better than the Manhattan Chinatown’s.
    Did you like the mussels stir-fry with celeries and s. snap peas too?


  2. $95 for six people, not including tip. I think I skipped a couple of trays of dumplings in addition to the pix above.

    Towards the end, there were these flaky pastries that looked like apple turnovers but instead were stuffed with red-cooked barbecued pork. *sigh*

    Re the sugar snap peas dish, I thought that was conch. Now I’m not so sure.


  3. Ouch, not cheap…. And they shuffled you with lukewarm cha-shao dessert-not turnover.
    Dim sum (or Chinese in general) is not the thing to do in New York, is it?! Even in Flushing…?! These images are a bit lacklusters compared with your usual culinary visual offerings.


  4. I disagree. $95 for six people comes out to less than $20 a head. The amount of food shown is about half of what we had, believe me.

    Were you expecting Chinatown prices? The quality of dim sum at World Tong beats anything offered at Dim Sum Go Go, Triple Eight Palace or Golden Unicorn, imho. For that, I’d gladly pay more.


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