Big Eye tuna, honshimejji mushrooms, capers, vitello tonnato sauce

Seared scallop, hen of the woods mushrooms, parsnip puree, caviar viniagrette

Sweetbreads, pickled cauliflower, shallot marmalade

Lamb pappardelle, tomato concasse, picholine olives, black truffles

Pork tenderloin, lentil ragout, winter root vegetables

Orange flower water panna cotta, candied pistachios

Apple cider doughnuts, creme fraiche sorbet, apple sauce

Previous dinners can be seen here and here.

7 thoughts

  1. Your meals are usually way over my head… but that pork!

    Do you feel at all self-conscious shooting in the restaurant?

    And, while I’m writing, do you like everything you are served?


  2. Oh, I’m pretty well-known there. I’ve been going to Hearth for about three years, maybe more than that. I’m considered a regular at this point.

    If anyone has a problem with my pic-taking, they’ve never voiced a complaint.

    I’m an easy eater. There’s very little I don’t like. Off the top of my head, maybe four or five things: stinky cheese (e.g., cabrales/epoisses), gefilte fish/herring, jellied eels and coffee all come to mind. Oh and testa (headcheese).


  3. Are there some captions missing? I think I definitely need to make a point of meeting up with you and hitting one of your restaurants next time I’m back east (I know, you tried…).

    The things that stand out to me above are the sweetbreads and panna cotta. Both look pretty damn fantastic.


  4. I didn’t put in captions for some of those dishes. The intent is to provoke people enough to want to go to the restaurant to try the food.

    Of course if you’re REALLY curious, you can check out my flickr account in the right hand sidebar. 🙂


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