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From Debbie, With Love

I posted an ad on Craigslist to the effect of “37 y/o gay guy looking for 1 to 2 gay/gay-friendly roommates to share an apartment with. Can afford to pay up to $____, though less is better.”

Today I received this reply (which btw is verbatim):

hi, this is the perfect place for you in Mid-Town Manhattan, the space is ready by the end of March 31 2008. please Contact me if you are interested. My name is Debbie, I have another male roommate who is gay and loves to go out on his days off and weekends. my number is 212 XXX-XXXX.

Anyone want to tell me what’s wrong with this picture? The person who guesses correctly wins a Snickers bar.

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  1. Hmmm – I’ll give it another shot. Maybe it’s the assumption that you also like to go out on your days off and weekends and/or that you’d want to attend these goings out with said gay roommate.


  2. Nope. Think about what people generally want to know when they’re seeking housing, whether it’s a share situation or their own place.

    There’s more to the story besides this, but those details aren’t relevant (for the most part).


  3. In Debbie’s defense, maybe she was just in a hurry and figured you’d call for the details. There are weird people out there (whom I don’t understand) who prefer to actually chat about things than type detailed emails.

    Did you ever find out if “the space” Debbie was indicating was an actual bedroom or if they just would just be demarcating a little corner of the loft as “Stash’s nook”?

    “Loves to go out on his days off and weekends” reminds me of a dog or something.


  4. I might have been more amenable if Debbie hadn’t adopted a snarky/off-putting tone in a couple of followup e-mails…

    Put it another way: first impressions count for a lot in both job interviews and roommate searches. If there’s drama from the get-go, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t pursue it further.


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