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Staying Put

After all the drama, all the apartments and various ads on Craigslist, I’ve decided to stay put.

I kinda like my space even though the shower is temperamental, the smoke alarm goes off when I’m boiling water, and I have to schlep three long blocks to the subway every morning.

I appreciate that I can lounge around in underwear or less, that I can play CDs at a fairly loud volume and not have to deal with whiny vegetarians.

I can finally buckle down and start saving/budgeting like the responsible hobbit I’ve always wanted to be.

What’s not to like?

Confidential to Michael: You’ve got a nice apartment and everything, but I’m just not keen on moving back to Queens. I guess I’m spoiled.

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  1. Eric, I love you hun, but I need to have my chicken stock/honey/milk, butter and cheese too.

    I’ve never lived with a vegetarian, whiny or otherwise. I don’t intend to, unless the universe deals me a karmic blow by making my next boyfriend a vegan.


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