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On the Menu

This is what’s on the menu for this week…

Sunday — Stewed Rancho Gordo beans with bacon and vegetables
Monday — Roast chicken; green beans and fingerling potatoes, Istrian style
Tuesday — Leftovers
Wednesday — Gnocchi (I haven’t decided yet what kind of sauce)
Thursday — Linguine with leeks and cream
Friday — ???

Help me decide what’s for dinner on Friday. Your choices are as follows:

a) Italian something (and I don’t mean Italian-American)
b) Vegetarian something
c) Fish something
d) Chicken something

Everything will be documented. You can bet on it. 😉

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  1. Man! I’m so behind on my blogs! I’d have loved to weigh in…but I’m mostly interested in finding out about the mysteries surrounding all these “somethings.”


  2. Well, you can vote on the style of the meal but the choice of product is up to me.

    I might have to buy a couple of things depending on what commenters have decided on. Fish, for instance, doesn’t keep well for more than two days unless it’s frozen.

    I suppose I should open up my kitchen for inspection….


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