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La Primavera

Spring is finally here. Happy happy joy joy.

Ramps. They smell like bear piss mixed with onions. I adore them.

Salad greens, edible nasturtiums, shallots and onion chives with a white wine viniagrette

Penne with crimini mushrooms and ramps in a light cream sauce. The recipe is pretty basic: onions and mushrooms sauteed in butter, deglazed with wine and stock, stir in ramps, add cream and reduce, check seasoning. Fold in cooked pasta, toss. Serve immediately, passing cheese at the table.

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  1. You appear to be very fond of cream sauces. Be wary! A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

    I think I’m actually going to try the jerusalem artichoke soup recipe you posted. I’m intrigued by jerusalem artichokes but have never found much practical use for them.


  2. AYM — they say it’s all downhill past 35 y/o. if by now I haven’t started rotting, it’s never going to happen.

    *knock on wood*

    ps. I still have a 32″ waist. 😉


  3. Mmmm Mmmmm, bear piss and onions. I love nasturtiums. I usually grow them every year in my garden. Beautiful and tasty.BTW, they’re a member of the cress family and the leaves are good too.


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