The Spamwise Chronicles

A “Light” Dinner, Part 2

French omelette; spring lettuce, nasturtiums, shiitake mushrooms and tarragon viniagrette
Leftover soup, a baguette
2003 Paul Domaine Blanck riesling

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4 thoughts on “A “Light” Dinner, Part 2

  1. how much were the nasturtiums


  2. chubby —

    $5 per quart-sized box. Enough for two meals for one person. It was a splurge item and not something I would normally get.

    FYI, a typical greenmarket haul is around $40 to $50 but you also need to consider I’m shopping for enough food for a week and a half to two weeks. Not everything I get will be consumed in short order. For instance, unsalted butter sells for $3.50 a tub. I can make that stretch over a month’s worth of meals.

    The next time I go to USGM, I’ll post what I bought and the total bill to give you an idea of how much things cost.


  3. I dont’ know if you get much sun, but nasturtiums make a great window box plant, require very little care, and as you know, are delicious.


  4. I’m afraid my green thumb isn’t very advanced, lol.


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