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  1. I keep thinking of your description of ramps. “The smell like bear piss and onions.” It reminds me of the Italian expression for the odor of a cheese shop. “It smells like God’s feet.”


  2. They’re great. I got 2 bunches for $5. One smallish bunch went into a pasta dish (scroll down below). 4 went into risotto for last night’s and tonight’s dinner. The remainder I’ll probably grill or broil, or fold into an omelette or make a custard or something. We’ll see. The thing with ramps is a little goes a long way. And because the season is so short, you want to make the most of it while you can.


  3. Ramps are wild leeks, SK. The German equivalent is bärlauch, the difference being that we don’t have to worry about dried fox dung.

    People who forage for bärlauch are generally warned to prepare the vegetable in several changes of cold water to rid the leaves of any dried fox excrement. Fox excrement often carries tape worm eggs, which can be quite unpleasant when consumed. =/


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