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Cashmere of Poultry

The title of this post is a reference to Andrea Strong’s review of Fatty Crab where she describes the nasi lemak as “a serious life-altering dish where chicken is slowly poached in some sort of pork fat so that it becomes “cashmere of poultry”. But don’t take it from me, read it for yourself.

Click here for a previous writeup from August 2006.

Oh, what’s that? You just want to look at the pictures? Okay, well here you go.

Fatty tea sandwiches

Malay fish fry

Kang kong belacan

Watermelon pickle and crispy pork salad

Nasi lemak

Fatty Crab isn’t my favorite restaurant in New York City. In fact, it doesn’t even come close to second tier. That said, I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to go there. The waiters provide more than adequate eye candy to make up for lack of atmosphere.

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  1. You can slow poach almost anything in fat, and it’s going to taste great. I have been known to take a two-pound bag of thin haricots verts from Costco and cook them in a mixture of a pound of butter, two cups of olive oil, and a head of garlic over very low heat for 2.5 hours. It seems very wasteful, but you can drain the fat and reuse it. They’re the best green beans ever.


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