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To Everything, A Season

“Four Seasons fill the measure of the year;
There are four seasons in the mind of man:
He has his lusty Spring, when fancy clear
Takes in all beauty with an easy span…” —John Keats, excerpt from The Human Seasons

Linguine with turnip greens and pancetta

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  1. this looks *really* good.
    do you cook all this stuff JUST for yourself?
    the most i can muster up with just me is turkey burgers on the grill. it’s easy and cleans up fast.


  2. RJ — LOL. Gerry (South Beach Bum) loves them.

    Joe — They’re great. One of the best things when it comes to things like turnips, beets and radishes. Two for the price of one.

    Chuck — Sounds like you need a houseboy. Hint hint.


  3. i’m not so sure about on my side of the island. kona side has more money to be able to hire those things.

    i’d settle for one that would cook like you do. and scrub the floors. i’m not much on scrubbing floors. maybe wash the jeep once in awhile. bring me iced tea when i work in the yard. i don’t mind laundry, walkin’ da dawg, mowing or digging in the dirt.


  4. Spamw – – FABULOUS. I’m printing this picture and DO plan to make this. I wish I had your imagination added to your culinary skills. You inspire us to do more scratch simple cooking. Still thanking you for setting up the lunch in NY………..


  5. No problem, Mark luv.

    The pleasure was all mine.

    I promise your regularly scheduled foodblogging will commence on this site on Sunday.

    There will be a gallery of food. Y’all behave now, ya hear? 😉


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