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Kachumber Kooler — green chiles, cilantro, cucumber and Plymouth gin

Masala Mary — spiced tomato juice with Ketel One vodka and pickled cippolini onions

Chutney sampler
Left to right: cilantro, tamarind, rhubarb

Navaratan dal — beans and lentils flavored with ghee


Saag “paneer” pizza — spiced creamed spinach with crumbled Coach Farm goat cheese on corn roti

Sea scallops ceviche, marinated with chiles, cucumber, Thai basil and peanuts

New Orleans shrimp curry — Goan classic coconut curry, paired with green mango

Basmati rice pilaf with baby cilantro

Grilled lambchops

Asparagus foogath — asparagus sauteed with mustard seeds, ginger, kokum and fresh coconut

Banana leaf roasted mahi-mahi, marinated with a Parsi coconut-coriander chutney

Chicken kofta korma — chicken meatballs seasoned with cashews, ginger, cilantro and yogurt

Kumquat, citrus and pineapple fruit salad

Pineapple upside-down cake, macadamia crunch ice cream and rum sauce

Executive chef Floyd Cardoz
Since opening Tabla in 1998, Mr. Cardoz has shown diners what happens when fresh, seasonal American cooking meets the richly layered flavor traditions of India. He was previously associated with Lespinasse as executive sous-chef under Gray Kunz.

Out of 10? A very strong upper range 7 to moderate-low 8. There are very few fusion restaurants that remain on my short list of “go-to” places in New York. This is one of them.

Tabla is located at 11 Madison Avenue (East 25th Street) in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.

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  1. i’ll take the curry, the mahi, the chicken, both desserts…and while i have never drank gin…the cucumber thing looks interesting. and i love cucumber.


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