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The Week in Food

No hobbit lives on BBQ alone.

This post in response to Homer‘s reply from earlier. 😉

Black bean soup served with coconut rice and lime

Salad greens, heirloom radishes, herbs and a poached farm egg

Glazed scallops with asparagus and ramps

Tri-color penne pasta with asparagus, red sorrel and chives

Fromage blanc omelette, salad with a white wine viniagrette

Fromage blanc with Champagne currant conserve, fresh squeezed orange juice

Lamb’s quarters, heirloom potatoes and chopped tomatoes

Tagliatelle with radish greens and garlic

Roasted asparagus with a poached farm egg and shaved Parmesan cheese

Chopped salad — English cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, herbs, sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil

Heirloom radishes and asparagus braised in butter and herbs
Crimini mushrooms sauteed with green garlic, Italian parsley and lime

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  1. dinner at YOUR house. every night. geez. i’m embarrassed by what i whip up compared to all of this.

    i’m curious…have you ever used quinoa in a recipe? i got hooked on it recently, and wondered if there was some sort of something you use it in/with.


  2. Thanks luv, but I don’t have any formal training when it comes to cooking. I’m mostly self-taught, from watching Julia and Jacques to reading cookbooks at the library.

    Re quinoa — I’ve never cooked with it, but I’ve had it while dining out.

    Use as you would couscous or white rice. Grilled chicken with quinoa and sauteed fennel; baby artichokes stuffed with quinoa and nut dressing; quinoa tossed with roasted vegetables, chervil and mint; quinoa with roast pork loin and caramelized onions…


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