A Feast for the Senses

Saturday, I had brunch at a friend’s place in Murray Hill. I rarely have Chinese so early in the day, so this was a welcome treat.

Beer-batter coated shrimp, spicy plum dipping sauce

Lamb spring rolls

Chicken with peppers and black bean sauce

Chilled noodles with scallion oil and rice wine

Stir-fried shrimp with vegetables and fermented tofu

10 thoughts

  1. so wait…you took those photos in his kitchen? only using natural lighting?

    what camera? awesome shots. looks like they are pro magazine shots for some food publication!


  2. I didn’t take the photos, but I’ll pass the compliments on. 😉

    Some of them were a bitch to shoot. Photoshop for the win. What you don’t see are a couple of grease stains on the tablecloth next to the chicken and peppers, for example. Or the amount of time I spent propping up the shrimp in the first photo.

    Chuck — Camera is a Nikon D80, and yes, it was mostly natural lighting.


  3. aces to you for the food styling!

    i had to shoot bananas once for a client, and we ended up propping up the background bananas with broken chopsticks shoved up into them. it was funny to look at what the camera “saw” compared to going around to the back and looking at what a mess it was!

    had done another shoot once similar to what you were describing. we actually just went to discuss the client’s menu and he ended up cooking 3 different things. i took one of his aprons, folded it, positioned the food near a window and shot with our sony using natural light.

    whoever shot your food shots *definitely* has “the eye”. love ‘um.


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