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Queen of Seasons

Summer afternoon – Summer afternoon… the two most beautiful words in the English language. —Henry James.

Summer chopped salad — Apricots, plums, tomatoes, heirloom onions, yellow and purple peppers, baby zucchini. Tossed with a white wine viniagrette (lemon basil, salt, pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar).

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6 thoughts on “Queen of Seasons

  1. What a beautiful array of vegetables!
    Great pics, comme d’habitude…


  2. It really does look gorgeous. I would go insane trying not to bring everything in the market home.


  3. The salad looks stupendous!


  4. This is enough to make me get off my duff and head down to Union Square — if that’s where these were taken.


  5. jgs/Tony — thanks folks. I appreciate the kind words.

    Bill — thanks. It’s a riff on a salad I had a year ago at Blue Hill Stone Barns.

    Lucy — thanks luv, though I must say, my pix aren’t nearly as gorgeous as yours. it’s French stuff, made in France. *sigh* 😉

    RJ — yes, the pix were taken at USGM. I go there every other week (more frequently in the summer). the schlep is worth it.


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