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Wannabe Vegetarian

This isn’t the blog of a vegetarian so don’t get any ideas. 😉

That being said, with all the high food prices in NYC I might end up becoming one (or at the very least have a diet composed of 80% veg/20% meat).

Clockwise from top left:
Yukon gold potatoes with garlic-paprika aioli
Fennel braised in wine and with aromatic vegetables
Roasted summer squash, heirloom tomatoes and pearl onions

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  1. I dunno Eric. I really like butter, eggs, cream, cheese, bacon, chicken and steak. and liver. and scallops. and fish.

    Can’t imagine life without at least four things on that list.

    Sorry but quorn doesn’t do it for me. Ditto for tempeh.

    That’s one thing you’ll never see me cook on this blog — meat substitutes.


  2. Well, for an austerity diet, you seem to do pretty well for yourself. I almost passed out in the supermarket aisle the other day when I foolishly thought I was going to buy pork chops. If it makes you feel any better the prices are almost as bad in Boston.

    The worst part is that fresh vegetables are through the roof too.


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