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In the Dead of Winter

It was six degrees this morning, though by the time I got to USGM the temperature had risen up to a balmy eighteen degrees Fahrenheit. Lovely.

Some pix:

Cabbages and parsnips

Clockwise from top left:
Russian banana potatoes, red potatoes, yellow carrots, Jerusalem artichokes

Rutabagas and turnips

And this was dinner last night, just to show you I’m still alive. 🙂

Roasted winter root vegetables with ginger-scallion viniagrette and herbs

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6 thoughts on “In the Dead of Winter

  1. I’m so NOT a fan of root vegetables. Tell me more about the cheeses!


  2. Cheese from Cato Corners. I buy from them occasionally. You’re looking at a wheel of Vivace. It’s a combination of Gruyere and Provolone.

    Root vegetables are what winter is all about. I’m afraid there’s six to eight more weeks of this until the first green things begin to arrive in mid to late March. Brussel sprouts, red and white carrots and assorted potatoes roasted for 350 to 375 F with olive oil and sea salt.


  3. There weren’t even any root veggies at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket this morning. Only meat, dairy, apples, baked goods, mushrooms, and eggs. *sigh*


  4. I love your market.


  5. What does USGM stand for?


  6. Adam — Union Square Greenmarket


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