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Saturday Market

My weekly market run at Union Square — potatoes (mixed), ricotta, asparagus, greens, mushrooms, herbs, onions and some sausage and bacon from Flying Pigs Farm. I’ve got quite a menu coming up for the week and I can’t wait to get to it.

In the meantime, here are some pix to whet your appetite. You can view them on my Flickr account by clicking on the sidebar at the right-hand side of your screen.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone.



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  1. Why my appetite you did…and you have before with ALL this talk of RAMPS ….WHICH we do not have out west. I have NOT searched the biggest Farmer’s market here (we don’t go…it’s too crowded and parking’s hard to find)…. but am not giving up. It APPEARS it would GROW here…I just may try.

    THAT BREAD looks fantastic. I will be paying attention to this week’s menu. **note: I HAVE been enjoying my one favorite chowder: Adobe Corn Chowder…(although I do add some chicken to it)…lots of pepper types roasted in it, fresh corn…


  2. You’re in Oregon, correct?

    I think the reason why you’re not finding it in your neck of the woods is because ramps tend to be more of an East Coast thing.

    I’d dearly love to have some corn right now. The thing is that when I started my experiment (see below), I decided that I’d try to cook and eat more seasonally. That means that my menus follow availability at the market in addition to the changing seasons. Corn isn’t due until early to mid June, I’m afraid. I could use canned corn or cobs from the supermarket but that would pretty much negate my experiment so I’m going to have to pass on that one. I hope that explains a little where I’m coming from.


  3. Amazing photos. And NOW I know what ramps look like in their ‘natural’ form, thank goodness. I can say for sure I’ve never seen them out here. Pity.


  4. Marianne — aren’t they? the neat thing about ramps is that they’re around for four more weeks. gotta make use of them while I can.

    Joe — well if you move back east, you’ll be able to experience them. food for thought. 😉


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