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Some Puzzlement

Yesterday and the day before, there were 130 views. Today as of this writing, there are 61 views. Maybe people find a plate of pasta and asparagus less interesting than a bowl of soup or beans with greens. I dunno.

But the really puzzling thing is that the total number of visitors yesterday to this here website thingy was 39 of which 17 were referred to from other blogs I’ve commented or visited. The remaining 22 were people who used search engines like Google.

Who are the other 92? Certainly not spammers. God I hope not. Akismet caught 2. At the rate of one post a day, I seriously doubt that this blog is on the radar of most spambots on the int@rw3b.

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  1. Hi there–Just to somewhat decrease the puzzlement, I followed you from eGullet. Love your meals, an inspiration.


  2. Hi!

    To relieve more of your puzzlement… I’ve been checking in on your blog from time to time for more than a year now. I found the link from a comment link on Varmintbites. I love to read your blog and see the pics when you post 🙂


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