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Postcards from the Shire

This blog will have its three year anniversary in a little over six weeks so I thought I’d pull some of my favorite food photography in the intervening period. You can browse all of these pictures and many more on my Flickr account on right-hand side of your screen.

Dinner tonight is a surprise. Talk to y’all later.

Fried clam bellies and oysters, tartar sauce (Tides)

Seared hamachi, black radish, celery, Granny Smith apple (Hearth)

Heirloom tomatoes

Roast scallops, grapefruit and asparagus salad (Little Owl)

Gnocchi con sugo di pomodoro

‘Deconstructed’ German potato salad

Chiaogga beets

Seared scallop, parsnip puree, hen of the woods mushrooms, caviar viniagrette (Hearth)

Trio of gelati (Otto)

Asparagus, coconut, black mustard seeds, kokum (Tabla)

Grilled lambchops (Tabla)

Frying hushpuppies (2008 BABBQBP)

Spareribs closeup (2008 BABBQBP)

Pastrami closeup (Katz’s)

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  1. There are some nice pictures in there.

    In terms of mouth appeal, I’d have to go with “Pastrami close-up” — actually, I think it is the best shot, period. Where did you get it, I want some!


  2. OH MY! What a enticing photo display (including the Flicker pics). WHEN are you going to publish recipes and pictures? I SWEAR your cookbook would be a big seller….I KNOW, you haven’t copyrighted anything….but if YOU ran a restaurant out here, it would be packed. THANKS for the food teaser, Stash….


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