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Weekend Update

You could say this weekend has been exciting….

Saturday afternoon I went to the market and picked up a bunch of stuff as usual — heirloom potatoes, Swiss chard, sheep’s milk ricotta, sausages from Flying Pigs Farm in upstate New York, butter, cheese, herbs, mushrooms and a couple other things I’m forgetting. You’ll see all of that in dinner pix this week.

Then I decided to take a cab back since I didn’t feel like going on the subway with a bunch of stuff in tow. Bad idea. The cab I was in crashed into another car at 62nd St and Park Avenue. Apparently the other driver was about to run a red light and make a U-turn on the northbound side. My recollection was that we might have been going a little faster than normal.

On impact, I smashed my face into the partition and specifically on the credit card reader. My glasses exploded. I received minor injuries on my right eyelid, cheek and chin. I ended up spending five hours in the emergency room at NY Presbyterian. I have to go pick up a new pair of glasses (which my insurance won’t cover), pick up the accident report from the precinct house tomorrow and get the stitches removed later this week.

Not quite the relaxing weekend I had envisioned.

And how are you today?

Clockwise from left: Sweet Italian sausage, pan-fried turnip greens with onion confit, roasted heirloom potatoes and shallots

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. The Bum on said:

    Ow! I hope your food wasn’t injured.


  2. I’m quite relaxed, considering I wasted 2,5 hours of work today with some useless testing and we still made the 4 o’clock deadline.

    Hope you’re okay, darling!

    I once had a drumstick (launched by an over-enthusiastic 12-year-old) propelled straight through my glasses. Miracle of miracles I wasn’t hurt and after a lot of rinsing in a tiny primary school bathroom fountain (it was my little sister’s final year musical performance) to get all the glass splinters out, there was no damage to my eyes either.

    P.S. there’s a nasty bruise on the bottom right of the plate there, Bum.
    (Food should just never, never be purple, IMNSHO…)


  3. Bum — thanks love.

    Subtle — that purple thing is a potato. Purple Peruvians. More info here:


  4. Oh, no! Sorry to hear about the taxi accident.


  5. I’m very late in extending my wishes for your safety and health. I hope you are doing better. That really sucks about your glasses.


  6. CarieDM on said:

    Oh dear, I just read this and so hope you are doing better. What an awful experience!

    Always wishing you good health,


  7. Thanks for the well-wishes folks.

    I’m all better now. I even have a neat Harry Potter-style scar to remind me of the experience. >.>


  8. A bit late, but okay…

    I know what it is, I just don’t believe it should exist. đŸ˜‰


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