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This Is A Test

I’m trying out a new theme for a few weeks since I’ve gotten tired of the old one.

It’s interesting that the blog has become more of a foodblog than one on politics in the past year. Accordingly, I’ve decided to start including some content that seems to be more common on similar sites, some of which are listed in my blogroll. Expect a couple of changes in the next week or so.

If you have any opinion about the new look or if you just want to say hi, please take a moment to comment, won’t you?

Tonight’s dinner involves a market basket challenge. More later.

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2 thoughts on “This Is A Test

  1. CarieDM on said:

    I like the new look. The slate background is easy on the eyes (unlike the black so many use), it showcases your photos beautifully *and* the red banner is a lovely contrast.

    I am learning so much from your blog. I had never heard of sucrine before, now I’m on the hunt for it. Finally got my hands on some purple peruvians at the Farmers’ Market; I’m in heaven! Love the color they add to a dish.

    Thanks, Stash!



  2. localkitchen on said:

    I, too, like the new look. Very stylie and makes the pix pop.


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