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for Appoggiatura, Arnie and Mark

Left to right: Sungold cherry tomatoes, assorted heirloom grape and cherry tomatoes, assorted heirloom tomatoes (Plum Yellow, San Marzano, Persimmon, Red Zebra)

Tonight will be a mini tomato dinner. I had initially planned for Tuesday but a casual inspection this morning revealed that a couple of toms had ripened a bit while in the fridge. That, or they’ve softened considerably. All the more reason why I should eat them as soon as possible.

Heirloom tomato salad, corn flan
Fettucine with Sungold tomatoes, garlic and bush basil
Watermelon and white peach salad

If I had more time, I would have candied some Sungold toms and served that with the fruit salad for dessert. Depending on tonight’s effort, I might do another tomato dinner in a couple of weeks.

Check back later for pix and recipes.

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  1. Oh boy, you’re killing me! I can’t think of a way that I’d NOT like tomatoes — well, there is one….tomato aspic! Ick. Ick.
    I wish I were going to be sitting across the table from you tonight.


  2. woo hoo! What beauty, what color, what flavor! I’m terribly jealous of this meal you’ve got planned, but I’ll settle for pictures. And, oh, candied or slow roasted tomaotes- swoon! I haven’t made any this year as I never found good cherry tomatoes.


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