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Tomato Season 2

Later in the week I want to do a two or three-course dinner featuring tomatoes. Oh, there’ll be other ingredients in the mix but tomatoes will be the main player in each dish. More later.

Kielbasa from Flying Pigs Farm, roasted La Ratte fingerling potatoes and Sungold cherry tomatoes

Click here for a large-size version of this picture.

I love La Ratte fingerlings. The name translates from French, unsurprisingly, as “the rat.” The potato is named for its oblong fingerling shape and its tendency to grow in dense clusters underground, such that the potatoes resemble a bunch of rats in a burrow, or perhaps more disturbingly, like baby rats nursing from a mother rat. They have a wonderful texture and a slightly sweet, almost nutty yet creamy flavor. They’re fantastic roasted or better yet, fried in duck fat.

Sungold cherry tomatoes are one variety of heirloom tomato. They ripen to a golden orange, with a very sweet flavor. This variety is popular in all climates as it produces in warm and cold conditions. Fruit matures quickly, and crops heavily throughout the warmer months. One plant can produce 1000 or more tomatoes. Use in an uncooked pasta sauce, with corn over ricotta gnocchi or in a confit and served with green beans or cranberry beans.

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