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How to Poach an Egg in Three Easy Steps…

When Nicole mentioned that she found it difficult to poach an egg, I knew what I wanted to make for dinner tonight. 😉 And I also thought to myself, what a perfect opportunity to do a demo.

This isn’t THE definitive method on egg-poaching. However it’s a method that works well for me. Hopefully it’ll be of use to you too.

Add 1 t. white wine vinegar to a pot of barely simmering water.

MUY IMPORTANTE!!!: The water shouldn’t be boiling. Bubbles should just barely break the surface.

It’s helpful if your egg is in a ramekin or similar container. Prior to slipping the egg into the water, stir the water vigorously in order to create a “mini-vortex”. This [in addition to the vinegar] should force the egg to coagulate quickly.

Poach the egg for about 2 minutes. Lift out with a slotted spoon when done.

Click here for a high-res version of this picture.

This is a variation of one of my mainstays — vegetables and cheese served with a poached egg. In the spring, it’s often asparagus tips and shaved Parmesan. In the winter, roasted turnips and carrots with fromage blanc. Fall equates to squash or pumpkin with mascarpone. Midsummer brings to mind roasted tomatoes with feta cheese.

Here, beet greens were sautéed with garlic in extra-virgin olive oil, then tossed with chopped heirloom tomatoes and served with a poached egg and some crumbled ricotta salata. Pour a glass of pinot gris and you’re set.

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  1. Yummy — I’m working up my nerve as I read…. (I use one of those teflon-insert-six-to-the-pan dealies for Eggs Benedict; I’ve never felt brave enough for bareback poaching.


  2. I use the vinegar as well. I also use a shallower pan, but use old dog food cans with the tops and bottoms cut out as forms (yes – they’re clean) One can also use cookie cutter forms as well.


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