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September Greenmarket

The seasons might have changed this past Monday but there was precious little evidence of that judging by what was on offer at the Greenmarket today.

Seckel pearsDeveloped in the early part of the 19th century, seckel pears are a variety of heirloom pear with a dull green cast and red highlights. The fruit is very sweet with a somewhat grainy texture since it is a hybrid of European and Asian pear. Seckel pears are the variety most often found in home orchards.

White peachesWhite peaches were known in Europe as early as the mid-17th century, although they were so delicate compared to yellow peaches that they nearly disappeared from commercial orchards. Since the 1980’s, white peaches have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, and newly developed later-ripening varieties have extended the white peach season to nearly match that of yellow varieties.

Indian corn




Concord grapes

Late season corn

Yellow “egg” plumsA plum that doesn’t appear until late summer or early autumn, yellow egg plums are large and golden yellow in color. The fruit is yellow or gold, very juicy and sweet. Absolutely wonderful in jams, jellies and in sorbet.

Jersey tomatoes

Yellow plum tomatoes

Green tomatoes

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