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Saturday Market Gallery

It’s high Indian summer here in New York City. So hard to believe that heirloom tomatoes are still on offer. The days grow increasingly shorter; time to take advantage while they’re still around.

Icicle and French breakfast radishes

The thermometer foretold seventy degrees this afternoon. Truth be told, it felt more like fifty-five.

Carpe diem indeed.

Bartlett pears

Sugar pumpkins, banana squash

Gala apples


Pear on Foodista

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Market Gallery

  1. Lovely pictures! A feast for the eyes.The sugar pumpkins are so cute!Painted mini pumpkins for halloween 🙂 Thanks for sharing and using our widget!


  2. Alisa and Pam —

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Very short photogallery this time around. I keep waiting for that “umph” moment for when all the late summer produce gives way to the real harvest season, if that makes any sense.

    Also one of these days I’d like to get up at 8 am on a Saturday. That means that if I’m lucky, I can be down at Union Square by 9 am, long before the crowds arrive.

    Less people means more pictures. Unfortunately I like to sleep in too much on the weekends…


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