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A Hearth Pictorial

No new pictures this time around — because I haven’t been to Hearth in over a year, since the economy tanked. That being said, I’ll probably stop in sometime in the next couple of weeks. They’ve been doing something called ‘La Cucina Povera’ for some time now. Three courses for $35, with wine pairings for $15. Those prices are quite gentle for a two-star establishment in NYC. An equivalent restaurant in the Midwest would be something like $30 for the whole deal. Can’t beat that.

Here are a selection of pictures that were taken at various times over the course of the past three years. Enjoy.

Big Eye tuna, capers, pickled mushrooms, vitello tonnato sauce

Copper River salmon, mussels, parsnip, chanterelle mushrooms

Sweetbreads, pickled cauliflower, shallot marmalade

Pan seared rouget, opal basil, yellow pepper purée, zucchini, peppers

Pappardelle, rabbit, tomato concasse, fava beans

Pork three ways: medallions, crispy pork belly, pork sausage

Olive-oil poached halibut, clams, fennel, watercress, caperberries

Roasted sturgeon, Rancho Gordo beans, bacon, smoked garlic and sage

Hearth is located at 403 East 12th Street (1st Avenue), in the East Village. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. It’s wonderful in every sense of the word.

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  1. The next time Tony and I get down to NYC we’ll all have to go to this place and enjoy what looks like a wonderful cuisine. AND, we’ll have to hit the restaurant up that we all went to the last time we visited as well.


  2. RG — That sounds like fun. A year later and you’re still talking about it…something tells me it made a good impression on you. 😀

    Urspo — A fish I don’t eat nearly enough of, sadly.


  3. Tali

    This weekend for Halloween I made:

    Three Cheese Fondue (Gruyere, Raclette and Emmenthaler + dry white wine + garlic + freshly grated nutmeg + white pepper)

    served with cubed Kalamata Loaf, Rosemary Loaf and a Sourdough Ciabatta; and 5 different german sausages.

    cold Pickled/marinated veggies on the side + Steamed Broccoli and Califlower Chunks

    Dessert Fondue

    Dark Chocolate Semisweet Chips + Soymilk
    Bananas, Strawberries and Cubed Pumpkin Spice Quick bread

    We were all stuffed


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