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Saturday Dim Sum

It might have been 13 degrees F yesterday morning but that didn’t stop me from going to World Tong and having dim sum with a bunch of friends.

Here is an account from a couple of years ago. World Tong is known for its dim sum, the vast majority of which are higher in quality than what you might normally get in Chinatown.

Lacquered porkTender shreds of roast pork with wonderfully fatty and crispy skin. A meager portion though, for $12.95.

Turnip cake

Crystal vegetable dumplings

Crystal shrimp dumplings

Oyster mushrooms braised with Chinese cabbage and bean curd skin

Eggplant and fried shrimp paste, topped with chile peppers

Watercress dumplings

Sweet rice dumplings stuffed with sesame seeds and sweet black bean paste

Spare rib knuckles, with chile peppers, black beans and vinegar sauce

Congee (rice porridge) with peanuts and conpoy

Green peppers, coated in batter and deep-fried

Fruit cocktail in sweet almond gelatin

Braised enoki mushrooms wrapped in thinly sliced beef

I’m probably missing a few more things. The bill came out to $100 with tax and tip — $20 a person for way too much food. Well worth the effort of schlepping in near-subzero weather though.

World Tong is located at 6202 18th Avenue (62nd Street) in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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  1. YES yes…..that is fabulous looking dim sum. We feel stranded in an outback here for good Chinese food….. EVERY time we go back to the bay area to see family, ONE night is reserved for a fabulous Chinese meal, but here….nothing. I LOVE those dumplings. Sounds like my next NY visit (hopefully) will include going to this place.


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