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Cauliflower Bihari

I don’t cook Indian all that often, although after tonight’s dinner, that may soon change.

Cauliflower BihariCauliflower bathed in a gently spiced coconut gravy, and garnished with cilantro, lemon juice and toasted almonds, served over jasmine rice

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This was adapted from a recent blog entry that appeared in the New York Times. Although the recipe therein mentions green beans, any vegetable can be used. I made a couple of changes based on the contents of my pantry. I subbed lemon juice instead of lime juice, yellow mustard seeds instead of ground coriander, ghee instead of the olive oil and a little leftover Sichuan chile paste instead of the red pepper flakes. If I had any dried chiles, I’d have used those instead.

The result was no less delicious. This recipe is a keeper.

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7 thoughts on “Cauliflower Bihari

  1. Yes please. With a nice chilled white wine.


  2. That looks so good I could almost faint – YUM!


  3. my goodness.


  4. It looks fantastic. I can’t wait to try it.


  5. Thanks for the compliments, folks.

    I’m eager to try making this with carrots and later on in the year, brussel sprouts.


  6. I just licked the screen. I have to make this!


  7. Mitch on said:

    In a fit of surfin’ spontenaity, I clicked through from dlyn blog. I am so happy I did. I’ve been trying to decide on a vegetarian lunch – something quick, easy, a bit unusual, and full of flavor – to fix for a guest next week. This looks like all that and more! Decision made. Can’t wait.


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