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Breakfast Snapshot

Spring vegetables, poached wild turkey egg

Spring vegetables, poached wild turkey egg

The vegetables consist of asparagus, morel mushrooms and French breakfast radishes. The morels were sautéed in unsalted butter; the asparagus and radishes were briefly simmered and blanched, then combined with the morels. Sea salt, sage, chives and black pepper to finish, with freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on top.

Time: About 15 minutes, including prep.

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast Snapshot

  1. turkey eggs? how are they different than chicken eggs?


    • They have a very intense eggy taste. Think of a farm egg (basically, a chicken egg grown on a small family farm using organic, sustainable methods) and amplified in flavor by a factor of twenty. The eggs are slightly smaller than a medium-sized chicken egg and have a slightly thicker shell. Cooking times are about 1-2 minutes less (typical hard-cooked chicken egg is about 13-15 minutes and 4-5 minutes for soft-cooked).


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