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Saturday Snapshot

Spiced rock shrimp, heirloom tomatoes

Spiced rock shrimp with heirloom tomatoes

This was just something I whipped up on the spur of the moment for tonight’s dinner. There isn’t a recipe for this, since I vary the ingredients almost always … based on mood and what’s in the pantry.

Fry a bunch of spices and aromatics in ghee. These can be: chopped garlic, shredded ginger or thinly sliced onions; a pinch of red pepper flakes or some crushed dried chiles, a few dried curry leaves and/or 1/2 tsp. black mustard seeds until fragrant. Add shelled shrimp that had a little salt sprinkled on it. Cook until shrimp are done. Stir in chopped heirloom tomatoes, add a squeeze of lime and garnish with cilantro. Eat.

Time: About 20 minutes, including prep.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. This looks great, gotta try it. I cook like you do, using whatever is on hand.


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