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Wednesday Snapshot

Tomato and crispy sourdough bread salad, with Spanish chorizo, almonds and a poached farm egg

Tomato and crispy sourdough bread salad, with Spanish chorizo, almonds and a poached farm egg

This is a riff on both a panzanella (a salad usually made with salt-free bread and sweet, ripe, juicy tomatoes), and the roast chicken and warm bread salad popularized by Chef Judy Rodgers at Zuni Café in San Francisco. You can view Deb’s adaptation as well as the original Zuni recipe here.

The salad pictured above substitutes golden raisins for the currants, toasted almonds for the pine nuts, various types of tomatoes for the arugula, roughly 4 tablespoons chopped Spanish chorizo for the chicken and a poached farm egg. In addition, I’ve omitted the garlic. With the exception of those ingredient substitutions, it’s the same recipe as the original in the link above.

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Snapshot

  1. What a beautiful, inviting salad that is full of delicious ingredients. Chorizo and eggs, yummy!!!



  2. Hey Stash,
    Panzanella and the Zuni bread salad… those are two of my favorite things.
    Plop that gorgeous egg on top and it looks like heaven!
    Have a great weekend,


  3. This sounds so delicious. It reminds me of one of my favorite breakfasts at Jelly Cafe in Denver, the Haco Benedict- tomatoes, chorizo, roasted poblanos, and poached eggs on a biscuit. I would totally eat this for a light brunch or lunch.


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