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Sunday Snapshot

Green beans and potatoes complement each other deliciously. This makes a simple vegetable side dish, or with the addition of perhaps eggs and cheese, can easily stand in for a substantial vegetarian breakfast or lunch.

Fagiolini e patate

Fagiolini e patateotherwise known as ‘green beans and potatoes’ in Italian.

Boil green beans and peeled sliced potatoes in the same pot, in some lightly salted water, then drain. Next, heat some chopped garlic and olive oil in a skillet; when garlic becomes off-white (after about 1 minute), add the green beans and potatoes, along with a pinch of salt and pepper. Fry until potatoes become golden brown. Taste once more for salt and pepper, sprinkle lemon juice and parsley over the vegetables and serve immediately.

Time: About 30 minutes, including prep.

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    This is a YummY recipe. Thank you Sunday Snapshot


  2. I like green beans with potatoes. I am going to try you version. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I just made a yellow bean and mushroom stir fry. This one is up next with the other half of the beans. Thanks for a great side.


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