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New Year’s Snapshots

I hope your New Year’s Eve was a safe and enjoyable evening, wherever you are in the world.

Before you scroll down, a note of explanation from me, and a request.

“Snapshot posts” are meant to be wordless, although they haven’t been in the past. Because this blog is both a food photography blog and a food/cooking blog, “snapshot posts” are my version of Wordless Wednesday, albeit with a mostly food-centric focus. In addition, they can occur on any day of the week, not just Wednesday. That being said, one of my resolutions for 2013 is to begin taking more interesting photographs of New York City. You may see some content that has nothing to do with food, similar to the NYC street scenes I posted on Christmas Day, for example.

Urspo commented in an earlier post that viewers may be curious about the nature of some posted pictures. If you want to know what the pictures depict, simply hover your cursor over the photo and a “bubble” should appear that will describe what the photo is about. If you left-click the individual photographs, you will be redirected to my Flickr photostream. Most photos that appear in a “snapshot post” will have a recipe or blogger’s note attached in the description, but a few may be blank, the better to whet your curiosity. Going forward, all snapshot posts on the blog will be “textless” unless circumstances warrant otherwise.

Finally, if you “like” this post and are either a regular follower or first-time visitor, could you please do me a favor and leave a comment below as to what you liked about it (or what attracts you to the blog in general)? Your feedback is appreciated and is invaluable, and can help me better improve the site. Hitting “like” just tells me you liked the post, but it doesn’t indicate why. Thanks as always, for your visits and your support.

This post already has too much text, so I’ll sign off by wishing everyone a happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year.

"Eggs and potatoes"

Rigatoni with cabbage, anchovy and capers

Roasted cauliflower and heirloom fingerling potato salad

Zuppa di radicchio e scarola

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  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Food has been my life, spending 26 years chef’ing, cooking, managing restaurants all over this globe.

    These are some of the most appetizing photos of food I have come across. Enjoy them like a fine meal. Thank you Simple Kitchen Seasons.


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