Wednesday Snapshot

Pappardelle, with cherry tomato sauce and gremolata


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Snapshot

    1. I do too.

      One of my 2013 food resolutions is to learn how to make fresh pasta.

      The ingredients cost pennies, and the satisfaction derived from making something from scratch is indescribable.

      Priceless, actually.


        1. I probably will, as soon as this weekend in fact.

          But no pasta machine unfortunately, due to lack of space. We’re talking about a kitchen roughly 6′ x 7′ in size, barely larger than most bathrooms.


        2. It’s the primary reason why baking isn’t something that I do regularly, and why there aren’t very many recipes for pastries, baked goods and desserts compared to other food blogs.

          Well, some of that is about to change, simply because I want to teach myself something.


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