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Wednesday Snapshots



Lenticchie con burro e prezzemolo

Soft-cooked egg, parsnip "home fries"

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Snapshots

  1. For new readers, “snapshot” posts are my version of Wordless Wednesday, except that they can appear on any day of the week.

    These are pictures from last night’s dinner. I cook like this most of the time. A vegetarian could eat very well at my table. 😉

    From top to bottom:

    “Turnips” — turnip and watercress coleslaw. The dressing consists of Greek yogurt, milk, sea salt, lemon zest and black pepper. Garnished with panch phoron (for texture).

    “Beets” — roasted beets, paired with sautéed baby portobello mushrooms with shallots, sea salt, black pepper and thyme. This is vegan, by the way.

    Lenticchie con burro e prezzemolo (lentils with butter and parsley).

    Soft-cooked egg, parsnip “home fries”. The “home fries” are just thinly sliced parsnips that were fried in unsalted butter and olive oil, then finished with sea salt, black pepper, thyme and lemon juice. Better than ones made with potatoes, in my opinion.


  2. Beautiful. (and not really wordless 😉 )


  3. Your food looks like restaurant food, looks so good!


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