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Market Snapshots

My boyfriend has been visiting me for the past week and a half, so I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like.

Nevertheless, here are some market snaps that I took yesterday to go along with the gallery of apples.

It’ll be Christmas in a few short weeks. Where did the year go?

Bartlett pears


Bartlett pears. These are wonderfully sweet, buttery and juicy. They’re perfect for eating out of hand or for using in desserts such as pears poached in red wine or ginger syrup, or in a pear tarte tatin.


Turnips. I usually serve these roasted or turned into “home fries” or as a delicious variation on a potato galette that consists of paper-thin slices of turnips baked with little else other than salt, pepper and unsalted butter.


Parsnips. These lovelies are some of my favorite winter root vegetables, moreso than carrots. They’re excellent turned into soup (or as a potage), or simmered in lightly salted water, then mashed or puréed. For something different, try serving them for breakfast, lightly fried in melted butter and drizzled with a touch of honey or maple syrup.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts. In a previous century, these were notoriously overcooked and remind people of a certain age of the odor of boiled cabbage in British boarding schools. These days, most prefer them roasted which transforms them into addictive little morsels. I suppose that if “green” had a flavor, brussels sprouts would fit the bill.


Garlic. Can’t live without ’em.



Rutabagas. As the sign says, they’re wonderful mashed with potatoes or grated into salads. I’m thinking of using them as an alternate in latkes.


Carrots. I think they’re beautiful.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


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