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Random Snapshots

Cream of cauliflower soup, brioche croutons

Cream of Cauliflower Soup, with Brioche Croutons

Roasted beet salad, with watercress, fennel and chestnuts

Roasted Beet Salad, with Watercress, Fennel and Chestnuts

Dry-fried parsnips, with lime, coconut and dates

Dry-Fried Parsnips, with Lime, Coconut and Dates

None of the three dishes above have recipes, as I tend to create meals based on whatever I have on hand.

Dal, lemon rice, apple raita, green chile and carrot pickles

Dal, with Lemon Rice, Apple Raita, and Green Chile and Carrot Pickles

The pickles were store-bought, from Kalustyan’s. Click the links in the photograph’s caption to view the recipes for the lemon rice and the green apple raita.

Upland cress

Upland Cress

This is a variety of watercress that has a sharper, spicier flavor than its more commonly known cousin. It’s wonderful in salads and sandwiches, as a salad green, in pesto or aioli.

Endive salad, with Castelvetrano olives and Meyer lemon cream

Endive Salad, with Castelvetrano Olives and Meyer Lemon Cream

The recipe for this is found in the next cookbook I’m probably getting, “Sunday Suppers at Lucques“.

I am really picky when it comes to cookbooks. It has to be a book I can see myself using, either as inspiration or as a reference work. I won’t buy a book just because it has stunning photography.

The Art of Eating

Baby carrots

Baby Carrots

I love them sautéed in unsalted butter, and served with a touch of parsley or thyme. Or with chopped crystallized ginger and cardamom. Or roasted with olive oil and sea salt, and accompanied by a lemon mayonnaise or with hummus.

Lamb shanks with apricots, honey and cardamom; Israeli couscous

Lamb Shanks with Apricots, Raisins and Cardamom, served with Israeli Couscous

The lamb was adapted from David Tanis’ “Heart of the Artichoke and Other Kitchen Journeys”. The pilaf was prepared in the style of a risotto — with onion and carrot cooked in olive oil, seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and chopped parsley, to which was added the couscous and simmering chicken stock.

Posting may be sporadic between now and the week of February 10th, as I will be away on vacation. Stay warm, folks!


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