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March Snapshots

Spring is in the air!

We had a taste this weekend, with temperatures reaching into the low 50s. I hope it holds for the next few days, because I’m sick to death of snow. I was remarking to B the other night that all the snow that’s been hitting the eastern seaboard for the past month should really be redirected to California which is in the middle of a severe drought.

The Greenmarket snapshots below are from a visit two weeks ago. I’m working my way through what’s left of my winter pantry; it’s taking every ounce of creativity I have so I don’t suffer from “root vegetable fatigue”. While folks in the Bay Area are up to their necks in asparagus and fava beans, it’ll be a few more weeks before those vegetables grace our farmers markets.

Leeks and onions




Rocambole Garlic. This is an heirloom garlic, with larger, spicier cloves than normal silverskin garlic. Rocamboles tend to have as few as six to eight cloves per bulb, while silverskin (the type available in your supermarket) has anywhere from ten to twelve cloves.



Apples from New York State.







Daikon radish

Daikon Radishes.



Loose Carrots.

Savoy cabbage

Savoy Cabbages.


Dal and rice, with carrot and green mango pickle, raita and mint chutney

Dal and rice, with carrot and green mango pickle, raita and mint chutney

Dal and Basmati Rice, with Carrot and Green Mango Pickle, Raita and Mint Chutney

Dal and rice is my “go-to”, default dinner when I don’t feel like cooking. My dal recipe is embarrassingly simple: combine one cup dal, 6 cups water and a bunch of spices — cumin, turmeric, dried curry leaves, chilies, cloves, garlic and salt, and simmer uncovered until the lentils are done (approx. 20 minutes). Once the lentils are tender, stir in some melted ghee (clarified butter) seasoned with some coarsely ground black cumin seed, chopped garlic and shredded ginger.

Penne with cauliflower, anchovy and raisins

Penne with Cauliflower, Anchovy and Raisins

Mushroom and mesclun salad, with Meyer lemon vinaigrette

Mushroom and Mesclun Salad, with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Roasted beets, with cow's milk ricotta cheese, shaved fennel and scallion

Roasted Beets, with Ricotta Cheese, Shaved Fennel and Scallion


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  1. The pear farmer at our local farmer’s market announced the end of his season this weekend. Sigh. It’s apples (or nonlocal citrus) from here on in.


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