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A San Francisco Treat — Part 2

As many of you know, I was on vacation in San Francisco for almost a week and a half.

My partner, “B”, lives in San Francisco and I live in New York. We see each other every couple of months and keep in touch with each other via the power of Greyskull…er, I mean, the miracle of modern technology.

Since this is a food blog that chronicles my fascination with the beauty and wonder of the world of food, there’s a higher than normal concentration of food-related photography as opposed to San Francisco street scenes this time around. Previous “SF snapshot” posts can be viewed here and here. As usual, clicking any of the photographs in the mosaic below will bring up a slideshow. Enjoy the pix.

PS. The cookbook pix are from Green Apple Books, 506 Clement Street at 6th Avenue, in the Richmond district. Anyone who reads and/or collects cookbooks should take note of the store. It’ll be well worth your time if you ever find yourself visiting the City.

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2 thoughts on “A San Francisco Treat — Part 2

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