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Cauliflower 1

To most people, cauliflower is decidedly boring. It’s not sexy compared to say, tomatoes or corn. I seriously doubt that it springs to mind when you ask someone what his […]

Casa Mono

Whenever I’m at Casa Mono, I’m reminded of how much courage it takes for a restauarant critic to eat here, particularly if he or she isn’t a fan of organ […]

A Hearth Retrospective

Spiked Luis Rivera cocktail: Navarro Gewurztraminer grape juice, rum, citrus fruits, mint. 2004 Kabinett Riesling Copper River salmon, market radishes, squash, sugar snap peas, gros sel. Pan seared rouget, opal […]

Gordon Ramsay at The London

The ultimate in inevitability has happened, at least amongst foodies in the New York restaurant scene. Chef Gordon Ramsay, more famously known in London, England, where he operates his three-star […]

Dinner, 23 October 2006

Zucchini Soup Clockwise from top left: unsalted Danish butter; two zucchini, diced; two ribs celery (leaves and stalks), chopped; one onion, diced; 1 T. chopped fresh marjoram; 1 T. chopped […]

Molecular Gastronomy

Foodies all over the world know about El Bulli and the revolution in cuisine that it spawned. To the rest of us, here’s a short crash course. El Bulli is […]

New Orleans Journal

The first pic is that of the New Orleans skyline on 3 September 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The second is the city today. — from this article […]